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Once he battled the flames, he now also offers housing for a family of five.  A caravan coming from the land of clogs

Once he battled the flames, he now also offers housing for a family of five. A caravan coming from the land of clogs

Taking part of your home with you on your travels has been a huge trend in recent years. Indeed, for example, in Holland or some American states, it is a rather traditional way of traveling, but thanks to the events of recent years, this adventurous way of traveling is gaining ground in other countries of the world, including here.

Photo: Soepel

Above the cabin there is a well-designed bed where the children can sleep comfortably, and with a little effort, there are two adults too

Enthusiasts who bravely decide to build their mobile home will inevitably face an important decision – which vehicle to use as a base? Unused emergency vehicles seem to be in great use – this Mercedes Vario from the 1990s, for example, served as a fire engine in Switzerland.

Thanks to this, it can continue to serve society, albeit at a much slower pace. After all, that’s exactly what the Dutch company Soepel, founded by a group of ardent, adventurous designers who love to travel and have hands on hands – meant, in this case, it’s already their sixth (portable) creation in a row.

As noted above, this car was once an honest firefighter – so no one will be surprised by the reflective coloring of the cabin, which the designers decided not to respect the car’s previous services. However, the rest is already painted a soft green, so apart from the protruding arc, it has a somewhat blurred impression, perhaps even faint for some. However, this changes the moment one enters the interior.

Photo: Soepel

As soon as you enter from the side entrance, you can see that the kitchen provides you with everything you need

The interior reveals light wood paneling as far as the eye can see, then contrasts with dark window panels, while the kitchen is separated by birch plywood. The car was also developed partly with sustainability in mind – all doors, for example, are made of recycled plastic.

In the kitchen we see all the equipment, such as a sink, stove, oven, refrigerator or even a small dishwasher. Above the sink, we see storage spaces with a curved bottom edge, and the opening is also reflected in other parts of the interior, including the trim.

Photo: Soepel

There is another “bedroom” in the back. It is separated from the dining area by a wooden plywood with a circular opening

In the immediate vicinity of the kitchen there is a toilet with a built-in shower, which is cleverly and aesthetically separated from the rest of the “habitable” part of the interior by a log cabin. On the outside, there is also enough room left to carve storage spaces for books or small items.

The passage from the driver’s and passenger compartment to the car’s living area is resolved very innovatively by modest but useful glass doors. Directly above the driver’s cabin there was enough space for two people to sleep, but it would probably be more suitable for children – however, this extra space above the cabin was used entirely.

However, the main sleeping area is naturally located at the back. It is separated from the rest of the interior again by carved wood paneling, and above the master bed are storage spaces and ceiling lighting.

Directly in front of the main bed we see the dinette, while the table is foldable, saving precious space if necessary. Two bench seating here couldn’t be lost, because of their ‘mustard’ colour, one couldn’t resist the nice old feel, and some of the accessories, including the cushions, were matched to the color of the seats.

The company states that the car was designed in such a way that a family of four to five people comfortably spends longer trips in it, so great design goes hand in hand with functionality. The project is priced to order, but we wouldn’t expect anything spectacular for the organization in a retired fire truck.

It is interesting that the company deals not only with the conversion of different types of trucks, but also with the design of innovative accessories or even complete interiors for homes or companies – so they can design and build a drawer, a bar counter, a shelf or a wall cabinet design or even a full kitchen.

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