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One award for a Tunisian and another for a Palestinian in the “Un Certain Regard” competition at Cannes Festival

One award for a Tunisian and another for a Palestinian in the “Un Certain Regard” competition at Cannes Festival

The Best Screenplay award went to Palestinian director Maha Al-Hajj for her film “Mediterranean Fever”.

The jury of the “Un Certain Regard” competition announced, Friday, the Cannes festival, the list of awards, and the grand prize was returned to the film “The Bad” by French directors Lise Akoca and Romain Giret.

Pakistani director Saim Sadiq won a jury award for his film “Legoyland”, which is the first movie Pakistani to be shown in Cannes.

Romanian director Alexandru Belek won the best director award for his film “Metronom”, which tells the story of a group of music-loving teenagers in the early 1970s in Bucharest, Romania.

Tunisia after the revolution

The Best Actor Award for Tunisia was awarded to Adam Bassa, jointly with actress Vicky Krebs for her role in “Marie Kreutzer” in which Krebs plays Empress Sisi of Austria, one of the first members of the royal family in Europe.

While Adam embodied the role of a poor Tunisian young man who is trying to advance his life in the post-public stage Tunisian Revolution 2011.

Tunisian actor Adam Bassa spoke about his role in Harga, saying: “The film is based on a Tunisian real story, and it was filmed in Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia, by focusing on the real atmosphere and life conditions of the real characters of the film.”

Adam embodied the character of the Tunisian youth, Ali, who finds himself in the maze of life after the Tunisian revolution.

Adam said: “I am very happy when the film is shown in Tunisia.”

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The Tunisian actor has previously participated in the film “The Happy” by the Algerian director Sophia Gama In 2019, he also had a participation in the movie “Mosul” directed by Matthew Michael Carnahan, which is shown on the Netflix platform, starring Russell Crowe, and his participation in the movie “Harqa” came after his performance in several roles in several short French films.

brave movies

The head of the award jury, actress, director and producer Valeria Golino, said that the competition included 20 daring films, including seven of the first films also competing for the award. golden camera.

The jury of the “Un Certain Regard” competition consisted of director Debra Granek, actress Joanna College, actor and singer Benjamin Beaulay, and actor and producer Edgar Ramirez.

For her part, Palestinian director Maha Al-Haj confirmed that making the movie “Mediterranean Fever” was not an easy task.

Maha commented on her personal page on the social networking site after being crowned with the award: “It is difficult to describe the feeling of joy from the completion of the journey, after five years, and it is difficult to describe the amount of thanks and gratitude to every human being who was part of the journey of this film in all its stages from the beginning of the idea until this moment. Surrounded by loving and loyal people, and without them, the film would not have come out like this.”

The movie tellsaverage feverThe film is the story of two young Palestinians, one of whom is named Walid, who is obsessed with the world of writing, and his life circumstances have caused him a state of chronic depression.

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Palestinian actor Amer Hlehel, the hero of the movie “Mediterranean Fever”, expressed his happiness, saying: “It feels great ecstasy to produce a Palestinian film with all the difficulties, to reach the most important film festival in the world, to win an award, and to be under the leadership of a deep, intelligent, sensitive director. The courage of all this makes joy two joys.”