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One-fifth of people still use Windows 7. Experts warn that it's dangerous

One-fifth of people still use Windows 7. Experts warn that it’s dangerous

Security experts analyzed anonymous metadata about the operating systems of users of Kaspersky Security Network’s security solution. And the results are alarming, as the sevens are still running on 22% of computers.

“Fortunately, 72% of users have already switched to Windows 10, the latest version of Windows, which also appears to be the safest option,” said Oleg Gorobets, a security expert at Kaspersky.

Unsupported system

The latest Windows 7 update was released in January. Since then, people can no longer download any new fixes or improvements to the system. Therefore, if a security vulnerability is discovered in sevens, users are at risk of being misused by hackers. Even the best antivirus isn’t overly defensive – it can stop viruses, but it lacks a leak system.

Security experts consistently state that using unsupported operating systems poses a major security risk. This applies not only to sevens, but also older versions of Windows XP. However, many users ignore their recommendations, as evidenced by the lines above.

“Updating the operating system may seem like an unnecessary annoyance to many. However, it is not only used to fix bugs or enable the latest interface, the update will also fix bugs that can open the way for cybercriminals on your computer,” said Gorbets.

Even if you think you are wary and use security software, updating your operating system is a key security feature that should not be underestimated, even if you use a third-party security solution. If the operating system is out of date, it cannot receive important updates. Your house is old and dilapidated, so you don’t need to install a new door for it. It makes sense to find a new home, sooner rather than later. You should do the same when ensuring the security of the operating system that entrusts it with your valuable data on a daily basis, ”added the security expert.

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