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One hundred thousand for each head and appreciation for that.  Jablotron will share the profits with its employees

One hundred thousand for each head and appreciation for that. Jablotron will share the profits with its employees

Gablotron Holdings Group, headed by Dalibor Didik, posted a net profit of about six hundred million kroner last year. The money earned is invested by a group that not only deals with security technology, returns to technology, innovation and development, but also distributes some of it to employees.

Sixteen of them work in eighteen holding companies. Recently, ten percent of the net profit is distributed among them as an advantage in addition to the salary. This year it will be one hundred thousand crowns “per person”.

The stock payout is the same for everyone, regardless of whether it’s a developer or a cleaner. But the money will go to virtual investment accounts, where it will continue to rise through the investment fund. And if people want to withdraw it from the account, they can access them after five years.

“The goal is for our employees to realize that when someone does business, it is not about the fact that the money the company generates can be taken right away. But they do need more investment. It will be the corporate savings that motivates them to stay in Gabletron for five years on Least Jablotron founder Dalibor Didik explains, “And we will do everything in our power to make their money worthwhile.” According to him, the benefit will contribute to greater employee motivation. He adds, “Without them, our company would not be what it is today.”

In an investment fund, the company evaluates its own funds for several years. It will now offer its employees the opportunity to join the system and become co-entrepreneurs.

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“In the past, we kept people’s personal accounts, but then the legislation prevented us. We will give them new money from the profit and they will be able to add their own savings to them in the future. For this reason, we have applied for permission from the Czech National Bank and we will turn the investment fund into a company investment,” explains Dalibor Dydek.

But the Jablonec entrepreneur isn’t the only one who likes to share profits with his employees. Lubo Smid, the largest owner of the development company STRV from Karlin, Prague, distributed more than twenty million kroner to his majority.

The fact that the company did well last year and profits rose to 105 million crowns, a fifty-eight percent increase from the previous year, prompted him to do so. “STRV’s success is a success for all of us, so I wanted to make that clear to my colleagues,” Lubo Smid commented.