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“One kilo of electricity costs 3 pounds sterling.” British initiative to rationalize energy consumption (Video)

With temperatures dropping to -8 degrees Celsius in the United Kingdom and freezing fog continuing, the British government has unveiled a new initiative to urge citizens to rationalize their winter energy consumption.

The national network announced the use of a “flexibility of demand” service Millions of homes and businesses are paid to reduce their electricity use to prevent blackouts, and even households who use smart meters can get paid. 20 £1 if they don’t use ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers or gaming consoles, or decide not to charge their cars at peak times.

National Grid will pay around £3 for every unit they save by reducing electricity use to prevent blackouts, and this is the first time the service has been used since it was announced last November.

26 suppliers including companies joined the project British Gas, Eon and Octopus Energy, and hundreds of thousands of households have signed up to take part, and the National Grid is also gearing up coal-fired power stations in anticipation of a surge in energy demand as the cold snap continues.

Craig Dyke, head of National Grid Supervision, said the move could become a regular part of the UK winter, stressing: “These are precautionary measures to maintain the excess capacity reserves we need.”

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