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Shell UK is set to drop $ 1 billion in gas assets in the North Sea

One lawsuit alleges that Shell failed to produce plans to combat climate change

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online.

Lawyers at the environmental law firm and nonprofit Client Earth are preparing to sue Shell Managers personally for failing to develop adequate plans to transition to a low-carbon economy.

Clint Earth, which has offices in London, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin and Beijing, has been accused by Shell directors of violating directors’ obligations under UK corporate law. Reuters.

Shell’s answer

A page of demonstrations rejecting oil exploration – photo from Reuters

Clint Earth has written a letter to Shell informing her of moving the case and is awaiting a response from the company before filing the lawsuit in the Welsh High Court, seeking Clint Earth’s permission to pursue the case.

Shell sent a written response, received by Reuters, stating that the company was implementing its global strategy, which supported the Paris climate agreement, including “transforming our business to deliver less carbon energy to customers”.

The agency added, “Facing a major challenge such as climate change requires action from all sides. The organization underscores the need for effective government-led policies to address key issues such as energy supply challenges and energy security.”

Energy companies are facing a challenge for their businesses as nations seek to reduce fossil fuels, a major cause of global warming, and achieve carbon neutral and zero greenhouse gas emissions by the middle of the century.

Shell Pledge

ClientEarth’s report promises that the shell will halve emissions from its operations by 2030, but its goal of achieving zero emissions from its oil and gas products and operations is not enough.

Shell Company Logo – Archive

The Environmental Protection Agency pointed out that Shell’s zero target was not reflected in its action plans or budgets, indicating that the company’s plan for climate change was being challenged in a Dutch court, and the company appealed against the ruling.

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Carbon neutral target

UN climate scientists are repeating their call for more rapid global action, failing to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal of controlling temperatures below 2 ° C above pre – industrial standards of irreparable damage.

According to Clint Earth, its lawsuit against shell managers is a violation of UK companies law and they should act in a way that promotes the company’s success in its climate initiatives and practices.

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