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One name that America's sanctions did not reveal.. Putin's mistress under the microscope

One name that America’s sanctions did not reveal.. Putin’s mistress under the microscope

Several weeks have passed since many Western countries, led by America, imposed painful sanctions on Russia, affecting many sectors, as well as wealthy Russians close to the Kremlin, and hundreds of politicians and representatives, even reaching Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and many others. , following the launch of the Russian military operation on Ukrainian territory on February 24.

However, one name has remained out of the spotlight, or, to be more precise, has so far escaped the sword of punishment, which is Alina Kabaevawho the United States believes is Putin’s friend, and even the mother of three of his children.

Luck is against the gymnast

But it seems that luck is no longer playing in his favour Famous Olympic gymnast.

US officials said, according to the newspaper, “The Wall Street Journal”, today, Monday, that the US administration suspects that the former Olympic champion, known for her extreme flexibility, plays a role in hiding Putin’s personal wealth abroad.

Putin and Alina Kabaeva (archive – Reuters)

They also emphasized that it remains a potential target for sanctions.

Personal blow to Putin

In addition, the same sources indicated that US officials who are discussing the punishment of the 39-year-old Kabaeva, who was previously a model for the Russian “Vogue” magazine, believe that such a move may be understood as a very personal blow to the master of the Kremlin, and can thus increase Escalation of tensions between Russia and the United States.

However, officials pointed out at the same time that the issue of sanctions against “Putin’s mistress”, which is currently frozen in the corridors of the US Treasury, has not yet been completely removed from the table.

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Divorce whirlwind

mention that Putin announced his divorce in June 2013 From his wife Lyudmila (who previously worked as a flight attendant), after 30 years of association, and the birth of two daughters from her, but this announcement did not go unnoticed at the time, but rather formed a “storm” in the Russian scene at the time, especially since it was one of the rare times Which affects a politically family matter of this rank in Russia, perhaps since the time of the Russian tsarism.

Since then, the two-time Olympic gymnast and gold medalist, the glamorous Alina Kabaeva, who is said to have been in a relationship with the Russian president, has been under suspicion.