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One of the most important methods of semantics

One of the most important methods of semantics

One of the most important methods of the science of meanings, the science of meanings is one of the interesting sciences that increase the meanings of the Arabic language, beauty, clarification and definition, and the Arabic language as one of the most accurate languages, and scholars have established several sciences to facilitate their study and understanding. We will enlighten you through our following lines in clarifying the answer to the question posed.

One of the most important methods of semantics

The science of meanings is known as one of the types of rhetoric, because it is the science that is concerned with the style of speech, as well as the extent to which sentences and ideas are interconnected in the text, in addition to caring for it the consistency of sentences and ideas between them as well, one of the most important things in the science of meanings is how to use different types of patterns correctly The correct answer For the question asked is

  • declarative style and constructive style.

What is the art of rhetoric

Rhetoric is the use of description to express words so that linguistic sentences are consistent and compatible and far from dissonance or difference that could lead to the absence of meaning speaking or writing as it is known. As one of the important sciences of the Arabic language because it works to communicate ideas and meanings in the best way.

The most important rhetorical styles in the Arabic language

The science of rhetoric in the Arabic language is divided into three types of sciences or three rhetorical methods, and the following is an explanation of these types in detail

Semantics information

The science of meanings is the science concerned with meanings and structures because it refers to the appropriate use of words and also expresses the situation in the best possible way, so that it does not look at individual structures or partial sentences, but is concerned with studying the whole text, because the verbal expression talks about a specific event, so when the reader knows the meanings of the words In order to be able to know the terms of expressions, the science of meanings is divided into a set of branches, the most important of which are the following

  • (The news) is what is said in a sentence and is not intended to refer to “the news of the beginner” because most words in the Arabic language carry news with them.
  • Syntax is a speech that carries one idea with the diversity of the meanings of its words, and it is not correct to describe the speaker as right or wrong; Because it relied on creating words based on the words of the speaker.
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Statement information

Pronunciation is a rhetorical linguistic science that seeks to convey the meaning or idea in several ways. It is also known as a method through which the meaning of words can be clarified by understanding their meanings in the context of the text. Data science is divided into four sections as follows:

What is the simile

Where analogy means that it establishes a relationship of resemblance between two things due to the existence of common characteristics between them, and the resemblance has four pillars, which are resemblance and resemblance with the instrument of analogy and resemblance, and an example of that is the girl as a flower in her beauty), where the resemblance is the face, and the one who resembles it is the flower, and the resemblance is a reminder, and the resemblance to the face Beauty, while in the case of a simile, one of the two parts grows in front of the simile more than the other, so in this sentence the flower grows beautifully over the girl, and the simile has a group of types, the most important of which are as follows

  • The complete analogy, which is the analogy that contains all the elements of analogy, such as (a girl is like a flower in her beauty).
  • Confirmed simile, which is the analogy from which a similar article such as (the girl is a flower in her beauty) is omitted.
  • The general analogy, which is the analogy from which the similarity is omitted, such as (a girl is like a flower).
  • An eloquent analogy is the analogy from which similes and metaphors are omitted, such as (the girl is a flower).
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Because the metaphor is the omission of one of its faces that are similar or similar, and their presence is necessary to complete the analogy, and when one of them is absent, the metaphor appears and it has types, which are as follows

  • The spatial metaphor is the construction from which the suspect is deleted and the suspect is mentioned, such as “the news flew in the city” where the suspect is deleted, which is the bird that resembles the news.
  • An investigative metaphor is the construction from which the suspect is omitted and the suspect is mentioned, such as “the lion fought bravely in battle” where the suspect, a human being, is dropped.


It is the method used when pronunciation or writing has an apparent meaning of the sentence, but another meaning is intended by it, because a metaphor is defined as a word in which the hidden meaning is desired, because the metaphor has several types, which are

  • The metaphor of an adjective is the plural that means another meaning of an adjective and an example of it (my brother left his feet in the wind), because this sentence does not mean tying the feet to the wind, but rather it is a metaphor for the speed of running.
  • A metaphor for the described is the structure in which the described is used, known for its attributes, essence, and work, and an example of it (the nation of adversity), where the example is intended to describe the Arabs as the nation of the Arabic language.
  • A metaphor for a ratio is the composition that contains an adjective and is attributed to something related to the descriptor, and an example of it (generosity in the house of Saeed), where the adjective is mentioned in generosity, while the house is attributed to Saeed as being generous.
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What is a metaphor

A metaphor is defined as the use of the word in something other than what it was established for, because it prevents the delivery of the true meaning, and examples of the metaphor are (the support of the rainy sky).

Information about the science of Badi

The science of the beautiful is considered one of the sciences that work to improve verbal or moral speech, because the science of the beautiful is divided into several branches, which are as follows

  • Alliteration is a combination of two words that are similar in pronunciation but differ in meaning and are divided into two types
    • Alliteration is the agreement of words together.
    • Anagram which is a lack of agreement of words together.
  • The interview is the combination that combines more than one word in addition to more than one opposite word, such as (read today to benefit tomorrow).

Characteristics of rhetoric

The science of rhetoric is characterized by many features, the most important of which are the following

  • Contributes to presenting the writer’s ideas and methods.
  • It helps to choose the right word in the right place.
  • It is considered one of the means of thinking about the aesthetics of words in the literary text.
  • Rhetoric is a method that helps to build a correct linguistic text that does not contain errors.