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One of the oldest parts of Liberec will undergo a transformation

One of the oldest parts of Liberec will undergo a transformation

The future appearance of one of the oldest parts of Liberec, the area of ​​the so-called Paper Square, must be determined by an architectural competition. The city will list it in January. The results should be announced in September of next year.

The results of the competition will be judged by a jury made up mostly of independent experts. The winner of the architecture competition will then receive a contract from the town hall for further design work. The competition winner must also participate in the completion of the city’s terraces in the future. This is the name given to the cliffs in Liberec, which border the Papírové náměstí region.

The dilapidated three-story building of the former Linser foundry will undergo a transformation. The city wants to create a cultural creative center in this building. The former foundry could serve as a cultural incubator. The College of Art and Architecture, for example, would like to have its own exhibition space here. In the future, this may be a very interesting point in local events.

The vision of the city is the possibility of having space on the ground floor of the building for a café or shop with items created in the studios, which will be along with workshops for creatives on the first and second floors. There is now a hardware store on the ground floor of the old building, where it flows, otherwise empty. The city will try to get European support for reconstruction. It is estimated that tens of millions of crowns will be needed. The building is the last remnant of a factory complex founded in 1858 by Christian Lenser.

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There is also a city park nearby, where public and cultural educational events can take place before the area is built.

Papírové náměstí has ​​long been one of the city’s scarecrows. The place is very neglected. In recent years, some homes have been repaired here, but the area still needs repair.

The number of landowners in the area is about 20 different owners, with the city owning the most. Owns about 10,000 square meters. The goal is to change the site so that the city can use it in its nomination for European Capital of Culture for 2028.

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