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One study predicts that storms and floods will continue for many years in Europe


According to the Guardian newspaper, researchers say that catastrophic floods, such as the one that hit Europe recently, are more likely to occur as a result of global warming.

In the worst case scenario, British research indicates that slow-moving storms will be 14 times more common on Earth by the end of this century. The risk of these storms is that the storm moves slowly, with more rain in a small area and a higher risk of severe flooding.

Researchers already know that the atmosphere may be getting more humid due to the increase in air temperature caused by the climate crisis, which could lead to more rainfall.

However, a recent analysis for the first time estimates the role of slow-moving storms in causing more rainfall in Europe.

“This simulation suggests that the worst could happen,” said Abdullah Kahraman of the University of Newcastle in the UK, who led the research.

Lizzie Kenton of the UK Meteorological Office explained: “This study shows that not only can rainfall intensify with global warming, but a significant increase in slow-moving storms can also be expected.

Haley Fowler, a professor at the University of Newcastle and a member of the research team said: ‘Governments around the world have been slow to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming is continuing rapidly.

Scientists believe it may be the source of the recession of rapidly warming Arctic storms, and the event has already been linked to intense heat waves in Russia and floods in Pakistan.

Source: “The Guardian”

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