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OnePlus will once again become an online brand, as the Czech distributor stops selling phones -

OnePlus will once again become an online brand, as the Czech distributor stops selling phones –

The possible end of the OnePlus brand in the Czech Republic has been rumored in the runways for a long time, and today we have it in black and white. Distribution of OnePlus phones ended on June 30, 2021 directly in twenty European markets where distribution was provided by TCCM. The company did not comment on the reason for its decision.

From the customer’s point of view, OnePlus has once again become a purely online brand, and its wallet can be purchased through its wallet Official European website. In this way, the brand worked even before the Czech distribution of TCCM arrived last July. OnePlus will not disappear from the display of local stores from day to day, a gradual sale of shares can be expected, and even then some electronic stores can import individually selected models and include them in the offer.

For the current owners of phones purchased through local distribution, nothing fundamental has changed – of course, they will not lose the warranty on the device, and any complaints and repairs will be dealt with by the OnePlus central service in Poland.

“We have decided to end distribution of OnePlus in all 20 countries in which we operate, including the Czech Republic. We ended our collaboration on June 30, 2021. Of course, phones will continue to be sold online and OnePlus will look for new distribution partners. The service will continue to operate via UPS, and the batch will go to the central service in Poland, “ Kamel Vasek, founder and CEO of distribution company TCCM, tells MobilMania.

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We did not know the reason for the decision to end the domestic distribution of the brand in the Central and Eastern European region, where TCCM primarily operates. It could be a combination of several factors, such as the slow start of business in the covid period, or the announced convergence of the Oppo and OnePlus brands, which should become more evident in the coming months.

One of the latest innovations of the brand OnePlus Nord CE 5G: