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Online: Looms Italy, France and Poland.  The government will set rules for opening businesses

Online: Looms Italy, France and Poland. The government will set rules for opening businesses

6:32 – And the France They open schools and kindergartens. However, children will have to wear a headscarf, and if a coronavirus infection occurs in the classroom, the entire class will be closed for a week or two. The teachers will also be tested.

6:10 – Fifth Germany An additional 11,970 coronavirus infections were added on Sunday, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The number of new cases per 100,000 residents reached 169.3 cases in the past seven days. On Sunday this indicator was 165.6, and on Monday last week it was 165.3, at the beginning of March it was about seventy. Coronavirus was detected in 3.2 million people in Germany, and its population is 83 million, of whom 81,624 died. Stone died injured on Sunday.

Germany has so far failed to limit the spread of the disease, so on Saturday, other measures related to the emergency brakes of the epidemic took effect, including restrictions on night trips or the closure of schools and shops in the affected areas. Finance Minister Olaf Schultz said at the weekend that he did not expect restrictions to be lifted before the end of May. The German government and the heads of government of the 16 federal states will discuss another vaccination strategy on Monday. There is also a rollback from strict prioritization for some age groups. Requirements to restrict vaccination and treatment are increasing.

6:05 Americans who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 can travel to European Union countries this summer“Americans, to the best of my knowledge, are using vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). This will allow freedom of movement and travel to the European Union,” said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. It did not specify exactly when the European Union would ease travel restrictions it imposed for more than a year.

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5:57 Italy It will continue to ease measures against the COVID-19 pandemic on Monday. And 13,157 new cases were registered in the country on Sunday, 59 fewer than Saturday. The daily number of victims has decreased from 322 to 217, and there are more than 20,000 patients in hospital.

Areas with fewer cases and other conditions will be able to turn into a less stringent yellow. In Yellow Zones, bars and restaurants will be permitted to open parks. Cultural facilities will also be opened, but with limited capacity. The government also wants to allow travel to and from areas that will be of a higher standard of business. However, people will have to prove themselves with a test or negative certificate, which will prove that they have completed covid-19 or complete vaccination against the disease. No confirmation will be required for trips between less risky areas. Restrictions tightened in the country ahead of Easter.

5:52 The restrictions imposed on the coronavirus in most regions will ease Poland on MondayIn 11 of the 16 Polish regions, children will return to school for the first three years, as there will be full-time rotating education. They will open hairdressers and beauty salons. However, the measure does not apply to all three provinces on the border with the Czech Republic. Malls will continue to close across the country, with only grocery stores, drugstores and drugstores operating.

5:50 – The government will introduce a hygiene system on Monday, as currently closed stores and a portion of services should start operating after the coronavirus pandemic weakens, starting May 3.. It will discuss, for example, rules for using tests. It should also announce by the end of April whether mandatory corona virus testing in companies and offices will continue in June or longer. Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlicek (YES) told ČTK that the matter will be discussed in the morning by the State Board of Health Risks. It should also decide to open registration of vaccination for candidates between the ages of 55 and 59. According to Prime Minister André Babis (yes) they could have a chance from wednesday.

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