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Online: Part of Europe is easing measures

Online: Part of Europe is easing measures

6:24 – Indy It again reported more than 300,000 new coronavirus infections daily; It is the twelfth time in a row. In the past 24 hours, the number of injured has increased by 368,147. The number of victims reached 3417. Since the beginning of the epidemic, the second largest country in the world by population has recorded 19.93 million injuries, the largest number in the world after the United States. India has 218,959 deaths in COVID-19 patients.

In terms of population, official Indian growth is not much worse than in some European countries, including the Czech Republic, but according to experts, government statistics capture only a fraction of the actual number of injured and deaths.

6:13Germany There were 9,160 new cases of coronavirus and 84 deaths in the last day, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The number of injured is slightly lower than last week, when German authorities reported 11,907 injuries. The number of new cases for seven days per 100,000 population increased slightly to 146.9; Sunday it was 146.5. The seven-day reproduction number in Germany decreased to 0.92 from 0.93.
In Germany, which has a population of 83 million, a total of 3.426 million people were infected, of whom 83,276 died. On Sunday, there were 60 more victims.

6:10 Indie From Monday, all people will be allowed to be vaccinated in order to reduce the massive increase in the number of infected people, but there is a shortage of vaccines in the country and only a small percentage of Indians can be vaccinated in private clinics due to the prices.
In India, examinations confirmed that the number of infected people reached 19.57 million, of whom 215,542 died.

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6:07 – Fifth Greece On Monday, a few months later, the gardens of restaurants and cafes that only sell takeaway will reopen. Reproduced music will be banned so that people can hear each other well and not have to approach each other. Guests will also need to sit at tables placed a safe distance from each other. The worker will have to test himself and wear it once a week. Business will close before eleven in the evening.

6:03 Vatican Make museums and parks available again. This is the third hole since the start of the epidemic. Visitors will be required to wear a veil and maintain a safe distance, and tickets must be purchased exclusively online. Vatican Gardens will also be open to directed groups.

5:58 Vienna The coronavirus lockdown, which has been in effect since the beginning of April, ends on Monday. Selected stores and services will open, while restaurants will remain closed for the time being. The lockdown also ends in neighboring Lower Austria, while Burgenland relaxed the measure a week ago. The three federal states in eastern Austria announced “Easter” restrictions on April 1 due to concerns that hospitals will be flooded with Covid-19 patients.

5:48 – All visitors Tunisia From today they have to reach a weekly quarantine. In an effort to slow the spread of the epidemic, schools will also remain closed in the North African country until mid-May. Tunisian government advisors have warned that the local health system is on the verge of collapse.