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Online World Cup Final: Finland – Canada 1: 0. Ruohomaa opened the score

The World Championships in Riga have reached their last match. Battles for gold! There will be a replay of the final that was held two years ago in Bratislava. Then the Finns beat Canada 3: 1. Will the same scenario repeat this year? we will see. It is already clear about the bronze medalist, which American hockey players celebrate after a clear 6:1 victory over Germany. Watch the World Cup Finals from 19:15 in the live stream online at

Mikael Ruohomaa opened the end result, teammate Teemu Turunen also happy

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Mikael Ruohomaa opened the end result, teammate Teemu Turunen also happy

Americans celebrate bronze

American hockey players won bronze medals at the World Championships in Riga. In the match for third place, they clearly managed to win with Germany 6: 1. In the first period, the Americans were sent to the lead by defender Christian Wollanen, the key was the third, with the outside team adding four more goals. The win was directed by three-point strikers Conor Garland (1 + 2) and Taj Thompson (0 + 3). Americans celebrate their fourth bronze medal in the last eight tournaments.

Finský útočník Mikael Ruohomaa překonal ve finále Darcyho Kuempera

The Germans did not reach the world’s first medal in silver in 1953 from Switzerland. They did not build on the historic success of the Pyongyang Olympics, where others also finished three years earlier.

After 58 seconds, the Americans had to defend themselves in a four-minute suspension of Jason Robertson, during which they fought back. In addition, four seconds after the end of the double, they rejoiced in the lead. Defender Christian Wallanen seized a disc by Matthias Placa in the defensive area and ended the escape with a successful backhand trick.

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The Germans had the upper hand, but goalkeeper Cal Petersen covered their shot attempts. Most dangerous was Robertson’s attempt on the other side of the right circle. The American goalkeeper saved Marcus Eisenschmid’s shot from a position between the circles.

In the second act, the Germans’ dream of success faded. Goalkeeper Felix Brockmann managed a shot from Garland and Matt Tennyson, but in the 27th minute, after Robertson’s shot from the blue line, he shot Garland’s shot. In 98 seconds of renumbering, Sasha Chmelevsky released Jack Drury, who adjusted the backhand to 3:0 with a trick.

Halfway through the match, with Tage Thompson disqualified, Petersen helped onto a pole after a shot from Dominika Kahu, a native of Planá near Mariánské Lázně. On the other hand, the Americans punished Blacht’s error in the 32nd minute and Robertson scored from the right circle with a closer base.

In 40 seconds, in another numerical advantage, Trevor Moore increased to 5: 0, who after Garland’s shot into the goal and passed Brockman more than twice. In the second part, the Germans were still unable to use strong five-minute play after Khmelevsky’s elimination, playing two minutes in five minutes to three after a foul by Colin Blackwell.

Petersen kept his narrative clear in the 48th minute with Tobias Rieder running away, but in 49:28, Dominic Pettner beat his own after a Blacht pass. Shortly before, Brockman eliminated Moore’s great opportunity. But the Americans again advanced by five goals in 25 seconds. After a perfect pass by Adam Klending, Ryan Donato pucked the ball into the open goal and finished the score.

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