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Only the De Tomaso P900 twelve-cylinder engine is allowed on the racetrack

Only the De Tomaso P900 twelve-cylinder engine is allowed on the racetrack

Custom super sports cars and small series have increased significantly in recent years, and the Italian company De Tomaso Automobili has not been left behind. Following the P72 super-sports road show from 2019, the company has now also shown a special P900 circuit, inspired by the P72 roadster, but with higher performance.

The design of the car is based on the P72, from which, for example, the headlights come from. However, the bodywork is relatively new, made entirely of carbon fibre. Among other things, there is a bathtub under the driver, so the car is very light. In addition, the exterior design features a number of new active aerodynamic enhancements, from the front splitter to the rear spoiler.

Photo: De Tomaso

De Tomaso P900

Under the hood of the new supercar is an atmospheric V12 engine produced by the German company Capricorn. The unit can be revved up to 12,300 rpm and its maximum output is set at 900 hp. Then the rear axle is engaged in conjunction with the Xtrac sequential gearbox. The P900 maintains an ideal weight-performance ratio at just 900 kg.

Development of the 12-cylinder has not yet been completed, and should be completed in 2024 at the earliest. Those who need to spend three million dollars (70.3 million kronor) and get the car as quickly as possible will be able to order it with the V10 engine, which comes from the Benetton B197 F1 race car from 1997.

Although it produces “only” 750bhp – the twelve-cylinder could be more powerful – its real Formula 1 asset is not to be taken away either. The official debut of the Hyper Sport is scheduled for the summer of 2023, where we will learn more about the interior and other specifications.

DeTomaso Pantera already has an indirect successor


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