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افتتاح متحف الهواء والفضاء بعد إغلاقه فى مارس الماضى للتجديد

Opening of the Air and Space Museum after its closure last March for renovation

The main building of the Air and Space Museum opens in National Mall In Washington, D.C., after closing at the end of last March, with only one month left to reopen again, the Foundation will beginSmithsonianIn distributing free timed entry permits starting today, according to the . website space.

The museum will launch the first of eight completed exhibitions, as well as reopen its gift shop, such as the Mars Café and the upgraded Planetarium, where the museum has been renovated at a cost of $900 million for exterior and interior renovation.

Two of the new and expanded exhibition areas are dedicated to the history of space exploration, the Kenneth C. Griffin Planetary Exploration exhibition area, which showcases Mars vehicles and interplanetary probes, and the Kenneth C. “Destination Moon” Which explains how astronauts came to walk the surface of the moon.

It is also one of the other showrooms that will open on October 14 “America by Air” And the “Early Flight” And the “Nation of Speed” And the “One World Connected” And the “Thomas W. Haas We All Fly.” will return show Wright Flyer of 1903 in the new dynamic movie “Wright Brothers“.

Visitors can gain entry starting October 14, by showing either their digital pass on their mobile device or a hard copy that they print at home..

The museum has set aside a special set of passes for members of the National Aeronautics and Space Society, and directions on how to book those tickets will be emailed to the members of the association..

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Work continues on the other half of the National Air and Space Museum building, with the central Flight Milestones slated to reopen in 2024, with 14 galleries to follow next year..