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Opinions about the article Why (not) to login via

Opinions about the article Why (not) to login via

menu browser,
…. the worst possible option for accessing web content.

I’d rather trust Google, or I personally prefer Microsoft, that they don’t use your browsing data for their side purposes.
They ignore the fact that the browser isn’t modular at all (add-ons, theme, toolbar arrangement) so its functionality is very limited, at least as far as I remember when I came across this last…

About the fact that Seznam forces the use of a private browser on the websites it owns, starting with Seznam… Stream, Zboj, I’ll stop, Google does that too.
But I don’t like the fact that they refuse to add, say, a Google authenticator to the email login.
I refuse to install another non-essential app on my device that will have only one use for email login verification. What will two-factor authentication (2FA) do for me?
On the other hand, I have about 34 sites in the Google app.
Why can’t Seznam integrate this functionality from Google,….yes wait I know, most users will refuse to confirm Seznamák and go to the competition.

Well, if I didn’t have the entire internet history and all the services and contacts based on the mailing list, I would have migrated somewhere else long ago.

Regarding account security I have…
I use a browser password manager, until a year ago it was Firefox browser,
Now it’s Edge.
I have a different password on every website I created, if someone doesn’t trust the generators, I’ll give you a hint, the best password is the one you can’t remember or pronounce,
For example, I opened a text editor and ran my fingers across the keyboard, then randomly pressed and added uppercase letters as well as numbers and letters, i.e. creating the password in my example

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jdSpspIfjIumEoX…… I’ll add uppercase
jdSp3spI7fjIum1EoX …. I will add numbers
jdSp3%spI#7fjIum+1 @EoX…..I will add characters

And now I have a password of 22 random characters
For this, I use the Google Authenticator mentioned earlier as well as, where possible, biometrics.
By the way, I am in favor of the complete abolition of passwords and the use of biometrics

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