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يدور حول نجمه خلال 16 ساعة.. اكتشاف أسرع كوكب فى النظام الشمسى متفوقًا على عطارد

Orbiting its star within 16 hours .. The discovery of the fastest planet in the solar system, surpassing Mercury

Discover Astronomy scientists, a strange planet in the solar system, about 855 light-years from Earth, a planet that makes fast Mercury just a “slow, cold and far from the sun neighbor”, after astronomers asserted that planet Mercury is the fastest planet in our solar system in terms of the speed of its rotation around the sun, as it completes its cycle within 88 days, and its average speed is 47 kilometers per second, which is a speed so great that the planet was previously nicknamed “the god with wings”.

According to scientists, this planet revolves around its star in only 16 hours, which makes its orbit – to this day – the shortest orbits ever measured and discovered. The strangest planets that have ever been found, the planet bears the name “TOI-2109b“, which astronomers call a “super Jupiter”, and the category of hot Jupiters are giant gaseous planets that orbit unusually close to their stars and have very high temperatures.

The surface temperature of the planet is more than 2,200 to 1900 degrees Celsius, or 3500 Fahrenheit, and astronomers estimate that the temperature reaches the day on the planet.”TOI-2109 BMore than 3225 degrees Celsius, or 5840 degrees Fahrenheit, which is as hot as some small stars.

Astronomers believe that “super Jupiters” have a large number of strange physical and dynamic properties that distinguish them from the rest of the hot gas giants in the universe.

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