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Obyčejné mýdlo poslouží na zahradě několika způsoby. Zkušení zahrádkáři na něj nedají dopustit

Ordinary soap serves the garden in several ways. Experienced gardeners will not allow it

Solid soap is often an unwelcome gift. After all, almost no one uses it in the bathroom today, we prefer disinfectants in the work area. And the soap remains in the closet, where it only takes up space. But you’ll really appreciate it in the garden!

Pest and Insect Control

Classic solid soap is a great application in our garden area. This is where it protects us from insects, pests and fungi. Soap doesn’t weigh heavily on our wallet, plus it’s available whenever you need it. Did you leave a bar of soap in the bathroom? Going to the park with her would be great.

pulp or Castilian

If you have soap without perfume this is the best. You can also replace basic soap with castile soap. The second mentioned is made from a traditional recipe, which has practically not changed since ancient times. Soap is really hard and only contains baking soda, vegetable oil, and water.

Hooray for the solution!

You will really enjoy this procedure. The natural scent of the soap eliminates pests, and it also takes care of fungi or bacteria that may jeopardize the beauty of your crop. Do you want a high quality spray? Prepare the following recipe.

Grate 50 grams of soap on an ordinary kitchen grater. You might be surprised how amazing it is. Then dissolve the soap shavings in 10 liters of water. We move, we move, and that’s it!

Photo: shutterstock

So many uses!

Soapy water, as a spray, is suitable for treating almost any plant at risk of aphid infestation. Do you see how the first ants suffer for you? Provide soapy water on time and don’t let hardworking little men keep aphids on their crops for their sweet nectar.

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If you use shears, just run their blades with solid soap and they will work better.

Do greenhouse doors or windows leak? Paint the cracks with soap and see how well everything works again.

Regular use of soapy spray on plants will help discourage rodents from visiting your garden. It will also help to lay grated soap around the perimeter of the beds.

Soap is a great helper for every gardener.

Image: Shutterstock, Source: Do it yourself everywhere