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Osama Anwar Okasha’s daughter reveals 3 new books by her father that will come to light after the success of “Raj’in Ya Hawa” | news

Radio station Nisreen Okasha, daughter of the late author Osama Anwar Okasha, revealed the names of 3 new books that will come to light after the great success achieved by the series “Rejein Ya Hawi” in the month of Ramadan 2022.

This was during Nisreen Okasha’s interview on Theinsider in Arabic on Dubai TV.

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Nisreen said: There are 3 works that may be converted into a drama, which are “Al-Iskandarani”, “Tablat Al-Sultan” and “Love is a compulsory question.”

And about her opinion on the series “Raj’in Ya Hawa” she said: I was confident in Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik from the beginning. I knew that he was talented and educated, but he surprised me. I did not expect that he studied all my father’s work and thought, he came up with ideas from among the lines that my father wrote in the radio series.

It is noteworthy that the series “Rejein Ya Hawa” will be shown on mbc 1, from Sunday to Thursday at 4:00 pm Cairo time.

And the series “Raj’in Ya Hawa”, whose story revolves around “Bligh” who returns from abroad in search of his inheritance and enters into conflicts with the wives of his brothers in order to obtain the inheritance, and rediscovers himself and those around him again after his intervention in solving the crises of the “Abu El-Hana” family.


And the series “Raj’in Ya Hawa” directed by Muhammad Salama, script and dialogue by the author Muhammad Suleiman Abdul-Malik on the story of the late Osama Anwar Okasha, starring Khaled Al-Nabawi, Nour Lebanese, Wafa Amer, Anushka, Ahmed Badir, Hoda Al-Mufti, Islam Ibrahim, Islam Jamal and Tariq Abd Al-Aziz, Salma Abu Deif, Noor Al-Nabawi, Tamim Abdo and others.

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