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:: OSEL.CZ :: - Why do turkeys explode?

:: OSEL.CZ :: – Why do turkeys explode?

When boiling oil meets water, an explosion may occur. Credit: US Navy Photos 2nd Class Mass Communications Specialist Travis Alston/Flickr.

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Why do turkeys explode?

Density and heat are to blame. When we take a liter bottle with oil and a liter bottle with mineral water, we will feel the difference – the water bottle is harder. Thus, if a frozen turkey with frost on the surface and snow in the intestines, then we are immersed in hot oil, and the water does not tend to float like snow on the surface and gradually melt and evaporate. It falls and turns, being surrounded by oil on all sides, into a gas. Closing the frying pan lid or pot lid has no chance of saving us. The volume of the oil pan can be compared with the working cylinder, which was previously used to be steam cylinders. And uprooted the trees of the road by them. Not only can the escaping water vapor burn us, the greater danger is the oil that explodes and spreads, in the form of droplets of different sizes, in all directions with a tendency to stick to everything it touches.

Why are people uneducated in this regard? Medical reports show that they always think the same thing – that a little frozen water can do nothing. But she will. The oil is heated to 175 ° C and the water changes within a hundredth of a second. This will increase the size 1752 times!

And if we are not lucky, the oil mist will ignite from the flame or the heating element. This is not just burns of varying degrees, but also a bill for firefighters.

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