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Osman Othman Episode 76 Who is the savior of Osman and what is the end of Alam Shah and the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

Osman Othman Episode 76 Who is the savior of Osman and what is the end of Alam Shah and the frequency of the Turkish ATV channel

Today, Wednesday, millions of Turkish drama lovers are waiting to watch the events of the series Kuruluş: Osman Osman Episode 76, after the author’s success in creating a dramatic plot and mixing real history and dramatic events that made the followers eager to follow the episodes of the series, as Episode 75 witnessed the events of betrayal of the founder Othman by the closest He was approached by his brother, Mr. Gunduz, after an agreement between him and the Seljuk Minister Alam Shah, and Uthman was also hit by a powerful spear from Commander Connor Alp, the assistant of Alam Shah, but the savior of Mr. .

Kuruluş: Osman Osman Episode 76

Kuruluş: Osman Osman Episode 76

Episode 76 will also witness desperate attempts by Ms. Malhoun, the wife of the founder Othman, to defend her husband. It is expected that Ms. Malhoun will decide to travel to Konya, accompanied by Sheikh Adebali, to meet Sultan Masoud to clarify matters and reveal the betrayal of Minister Alam Shah, and it is expected that the role of Minister Alam Shah will end. After a few episodes, it is also proven historically that Connor Alp joined Mr. Osman and becomes one of his strongest warriors, as well as historical sources talk about the prominent role of Commander Connor Alp in opening many castles, forts and Byzantine cities, and he played a major role in laying the foundation stone for the Ottoman Empire.

Kuruluş: Osman Osman Episode 76
Othman Episode 76

As for Mr. Gunduz, it is expected that Othman will punish him severely when he learns of his betrayal of him, but what caught the eye in the teaser is the brave warrior Buran Alp’s declaration of his support for Mr.

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The frequency of the Turkish atv channel

The episode will be broadcast on the Turkish ATV channel at 8 pm Cairo time, and the channel will broadcast its programs on the following frequency:

  • Frequency 12686.
  • The polarization is vertical.
  • Encoding rate 30,000.
  • Automatic error correction parameter.