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Ostrava and then Tokyo. Perusic and Schweiner are already learning Japanese words

Jerry TomashkovichAnd the Sport

“Coincidentally, we already had a little Japanese course, so we know a few words, even if they are more professional. But we have to work on dealing with the Japanese until we leave,” Schweiner laughed when his partner gave him a gift. We’ve only learned decent and formal things. So far, Schweiner added.

The best Czech couple can only improve in the third year of the four-star FIVB J&T Banka Ostrava Beach Open World Series. They will not lose the main objective of the season, which is to start in Tokyo, Japan. “This is great of course. As we were preparing for this season, we knew that while we held the Olympic position, we had to fight for it until this last tournament. The tournaments in Qatar and Mexico have worked, and now we are in a position where we don’t have to fight for the last places,” said Pirozyk. The 26-year-old: “We’re really enjoying it.”

Beach volleyball players Ondřej Perušič and David Schweiner before the World Series Championships in Ostrava


In the tournament’s inaugural year in 2018, Peron and Dijv combined experience among the best players in the world, a year later they reached the finals, and since there was no match last year, the best male Czech duo will defend the final. Participation. Isn’t it time to dominate the tournament under blast furnaces?

“We will not hide the fact that such a peak at the end of Olympic qualifying will not be good. But there are already a lot of teams thinking about medals and victories in Ostrava. After all, the qualification is full of excellent teams and we will be happy if we are out of the group,” Schweiner slowed his optimism.

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The nominees will certainly include Catalans Sherif Janos and Ahmet Tejan, who recently lost to the Czech duo in Sochi. “They are riding this season in an unbelievable wave. They have taken a huge leap and have proven it throughout the year. They have been in the last four times, they have won twice. The more we appreciate the home wins in the quarter-finals, when we miraculously beat them. It will be difficult to play with them. right Now “.

We want to stay in the tournament longer than before, Czech beach frontrunner Nosh Slokova agrees with Hermann

“There are a lot of quality teams in Ostrava. In addition to the Catalans, the Norwegians include Anders Mull and Christian Sorum. The attractive volleyball audience is played by the Italian duo Carambola – Rossi, or the Poles Kantor and Luciak.”

The Czechs will participate in the tournament on Thursday in group matches. “We are very happy that we were able to organize the tournament, because there were a lot of questions about all the tournaments this season. In addition, we were able to get at least a limited number of spectators. We are really enjoying it. The tournament in Ostrava has always been well organized. And we enjoyed it a lot. I hope we can build on the good performance from previous years and delight the audience with some good results,” said Ondig Berusic.