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Our food delivery service is being renamed

Since the rebranding, the company, whose parent company is German Delivery Hero SE, promises to standardize the user experience across Europe. This follows from a press release available to ČTK. They indicated the changes Economic newspaper (HN).

“Dáme jídlo has a long history in the Czech Republic, people know and love the brand. However, we are facing a period of major changes, so the rebranding is a relatively symbolic event in this sense. We believe that our customers They will like the new brand even more.” Kolsa told HN that the company is investing tens of millions of crowns in the marketing campaign, which will have the task of informing the public about the changes.

The company also plans to expand delivery areas in major cities and offer restaurants and shops. “With the rebranding, we will also offer customers a number of other benefits, be it functional matters, such as express delivery and foodora PRO subscriptions, or discount events,” Kolesa said. On the contrary, according to him, the number of restaurants that use the service as an advertisement will decrease.

Delivery companies: Couriers earn up to 300 crowns per hour


The company will also increase the number of carriers, who should also be added this year. HN Colsa said the company would get paid for it by reducing its margins. This year, for example, carriers protested Wolt because of wage changes, last year Rohlí

Dáme jídlo was founded in 2012 by online entrepreneur Tomáš upr, who is behind the online store Rohlí and the discount portal Slevomat, among others. Since 2014, the company has been part of Delivery Hero, a German multinational online food delivery service. According to the latest financial statements published in set of documents Last year, Dáme jídel ended up losing about 14 million crowns, and the company had sales of nearly 1.3 billion crowns.

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Dáme jídel cooperates with nearly 6,000 partner companies and operates in 170 Czech municipalities. It says it can serve more than 10,000 meals and other items per hour during peak times of the day.

The delivery company Dáme jídlo has set up an ombudsman for couriers, and unions are also being formed