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Outside the borders… Violent confrontations with the police in the Paris marches against the retirement law (video)

Monday, May 01, 2023 07:52 PM

In a new round of news from outside the borders, our colleague Hana Abu Al-Ezz reported coverage of the most important international news, as massive rallies took place in the French capital (Paris), for the thirteenth day of demonstrations and protests, at the invitation of the Trade Union, which hopes that the day will be. Labor Day marks a “historic and exceptional day” to demonstrate against the pension reform law.

Skirmishes and confrontations took place between the French police and some subversive elements who permeated the marches of the French capital, Paris, as they started from the “Republic” square.

At the beginning of the marches, vandals from the “Black Block” group, who often wear black clothes and wear black masks, set fire to garbage containers and threw projectiles at the security personnel, who fired tear gas in an attempt to disperse them, and as a result of these confrontations, an arrest was made. Over 30 people so far.

Colleague Hana Abu Al-Ezz also followed her news tour from Sudan, where the Executive Director of the World Food Program, Cindy McCain, said that the program decided to immediately lift the temporary suspension of its operations in Sudan, which it had had to do after the killing of three of its employees at the beginning of the crisis there, explaining WFP expects to begin food distributions in the coming days to provide much-needed life-saving assistance.

And she called for an end to the fighting in Sudan in order to provide the best protection for humanitarian workers and the Sudanese people, pointing out that more than 15 million people faced severe food insecurity in Sudan before this conflict, and these numbers are expected to increase significantly with the continuation of the fighting.

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And from Britain, controversy arose in Britain, where the former British Prime Minister Liz Terrace, who remained in office for only 45 days before she was overthrown last year, is currently being prosecuted, while the prosecution of the former prime minister is expected to turn into a scandal that may haunt the ruling Conservative Party, in In the event that the matter is not settled and the claims that are currently pursuing Terrace are terminated.

In the details that the British press crowded with during the past hours, it was revealed that Terrace used a government house during her rule of less than six weeks only, and then she left the house, only to be surprised by the loss of some of its contents, including bathroom towels and some home shoes.

And those in charge of the government house took the initiative to send an invoice for the value of the missing items, with an estimated value of 12,000 pounds sterling.

Liz Terrace held office as prime minister in Britain for only 45 days between September and October last year, the shortest serving prime minister in British history.