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Pakistan crisis .. "new move" adds fuel to the fire

Pakistan crisis .. “new move” adds fuel to the fire

And before the vote, which Khan is widely expected to lose, he vowed Former cricket star to “struggle” against any move to overthrow him, in the latest development in a crisis that threatens the political and economic stability of the southern country Asia It has a population of 220 million.

The Supreme Court ruled, Thursday, that Khan violated the constitution, last Sunday, when he blocked a vote of confidence scheduled for last Sunday, dissolved parliament and called for early elections, while the court ordered the parliament to reconvene.

Members of Parliament return to the House at 10:30 a.m. Saturday (05:30 GMT), when the opposition leader’s vote request comes. Shahbaz Sharif On the fourth item on today’s agenda.

Khan, 69, rose to power in 2018 with the support of the military, but recently lost his parliamentary majority when allies withdrew from his coalition government.

Opposition parties say he has failed to revive the economy hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, and has not fulfilled his promises to root out corruption from the country and make Pakistan A prosperous nation that is respected on the world stage.

The opposition and some analysts say Khan is at odds with the military, a charge he and the military deny.

The military has ruled the country for half of its 75-year post-colonial history and no prime minister has completed his full five-year term.

Khan, who enjoyed wide popular support when he took office, said he was disappointed with the court’s decision, but agreed to it. He had called for elections after the parliament was dissolved, but made it clear that he would not recognize any opposition government to replace him.

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“I will not accept an imported government,” he said in a speech to the nation, noting that the move to overthrow him was part of a foreign conspiracy and called for peaceful protests, Sunday, and said, “I am ready to struggle.”

Khan opposed the intervention she led United State In Afghanistan, he has strengthened relations with Russia since he became prime minister, while accusing the United States of supporting a plot to overthrow him without providing evidence of his accusation, while Washington denies the accusation.

And if Khan loses the no-confidence vote, the opposition can nominate a prime minister from among its ranks.

Shahbaz Sharif, the younger brother of the former prime minister, said: Nawaz SharifAfter the court ruled that the opposition had nominated him to take over if Khan was impeached.