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Palacky University opened the Japan Center

Palacky University opened the Japan Center

Lectures, discussions, workshops, summer schools, Japanese courses, festivals, and even exhibitions. In order to contribute to a deeper knowledge of contemporary Japan and the daily lives of ordinary Japanese, Palacky University opens the Japan Center.

Events prepared by the UP Japan Center will be open to the general public. The first will be a discussion entitled Hanami or Spring Holidays in Japan. The word “Hanami” literally means “flower watch.” Shinobu Chinju, a Japanese woman who has lived in Olomouc for a long time, will talk in detail about the flowers that people notice in Japan and how they live this period of flowering trees.

According to the Vice Chancellor for External Affairs of UP Martin Kudlá وفيek and at the same time he launched the idea of ​​establishing the Japan Center, Palack أدت University led to the establishment of a long-term interest in building strategic partnership with Japanese universities, organizations and the Japanese Embassy in the Czech Republic.

“Cultural centers in UP have been established in the past, which help us learn about the cultures of particular countries, introduce foreign languages ​​to our academic community, schools and audiences from Olomouc and surrounding areas, and support language education in primary and secondary schools. In addition to the British or French center, we also have an institute. King Sedjong of Korea and the Confucius Institute of China in our university. Japanese language teaching has a long history in our university, and the Japan Center will complete the aforementioned group in accordance with the strategic objective of the university. It will enable Palaku University to deepen cooperation with our Japanese partners while at the same time introducing traditional and modern Japanese culture to the general public. ”

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The UP Center in Japan relies for its lecturing activities mainly on Czech experts in Japanese culture and society, as well as on Japanese and Japanese women living in the Czech Republic. However, the center also welcomes proposals for events and activities from the public. “We are always happy to hear about people who wish to lecture or lead a workshop.” We look forward to suggestions for cooperation and also welcome any comments, “said Halina Zaweish, Coordinator of the Japan Center.

She added that the UP Japan Center will mainly focus on topics aimed at bringing life closer to contemporary Japan. “During the year, we will try to choose topics that suit the relevant seasons and events. We want to focus on Japanese culture of food and drink, celebrations of anniversaries and life events, study and work life of contemporary Japanese and Japanese, travel, art, sports, and clothing. During the workshops, in addition to Cooking or practicing Japanese food, we will also focus on more traditional areas of Japanese culture, such as making tea, calligraphy, wearing kimonos or dressing up furoseki, ”Halina Zawizova added.

Although the epidemiological situation does not yet allow the grand opening of the center other than the Internet, the event organizers are still warmly inviting all interested parties. In a virtual environment, the concert will be held in English and will include a short concert and an announcement of a contest for the best haiku. It is a very short Japanese hairline shape which is currently known all over the world.

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“We think the epidemiological situation will improve. But for now, we expect our events and activities to take place online, at least until the fall. In the summer, we plan to run a summer school that focuses on the Japanese language or cooking Japanese food. We are planning Japanese language courses for the public in the fall. “A cultural festival should also be held on the weekend (macuri). In addition to cultural performances, food stalls and workshops, we want to organize a so-called sports day (undókai) during the festival, where young and old will have a lot of fun in traditional Japanese games and competitions.” coordinator. Information on upcoming events is available at The web a The social networking site Facebook Japanese Center.