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Palermo singer-songwriter Paula Munda wins in the US

Ay Grammy Awards 2021 Entered the ballot for nominations with Ben 2 album: His solo record Amuri Amari Completely written In Sicilian dialect, e Keep dancing The lotus sound of his circle singing group.
Both albums made the list per le Category “Album of the Year” e “Best World Music Album”, And they Made in Los Angeles From Grammy recommended Luca Satra.

Paula Munda, who returned to Italy shortly after, immediately became a finalist Sanremo Rock & Trend 2021 (To the Sicily region) and valuable Festival Italian celebrity and author song Musicalcura 2021 with two songs in Sicilian It’s like drinking beer e Why are you crying Taken fromAmuri Amari. His performance will take place among the finalists March 27 SaturdayAt the Loro Rosie Theater in Maserato; With him on stage, Palermo percussionist Manfredi Capudo and two singers from The Lotus Sound: Anna Signorini and Cherley Ciliani.

His long journey begins in Detro Massimo, Palermo, but thanks to his arrival in the United States, his vocal and musical talent finds fertile ground. In 2019 he receivedValuable note At the prestigious “International Songwriting Competition” (USA), he was invited to be a part of Beyond Music, a global community of musicians and songwriters. Tina Turner.

Active member of the Singing Tribes Bobby McFerry, Specializes in circle singing and performance, explores Indian, Balkan, Gospel, Greek, microtonal, African and Brazilian music.
He performed Large levelsAR Rahman (Statue of Contemporary Indian Music) at BSO in Boston, New England Conservatory, Berkeley Performance Center, including St. John’s Cathedral in New York, directed by Paul Winter.
Select Committee and Judge Kara Awards 2021 and AVA Awards 2021, Is Active member of CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society of America).
He recently co-hosted 88 artists from 26 countries.
He co-wrote and co-produced the song “Boss for Humanity” for the newly released song United Nations (UN) In support of sustainable development goals, and promoted by Indian Guru Deepak Chopra.
He is a member of Univos, a Capella Group winner in the “Adults” category TV Show Statitude “Sing That Thing” 2019, e In Japan National A Capella Competition with Critics Prize and Course Clerk Special Note.
Her Diploma Magna Come Lot a Boston, In a valuable place Berkeley College of Music, With which he still cooperates.

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Temporarily returned to Italy, Presented his record Amuri Amari At the Roy Auditorium in Palermo:It’s an album that comes from my deepest folds – says Paula Munda – an album I dreamed of going a long way, but one eye always turned to my Sicily, my bitter and bitter orange land. As a complete preview of “Home”, in my city, presenting “with my people” and sharing the stage with musicians who know what pains and my music beats like is the most extraordinary experience I can imagine. “