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Z areálu Panattoni Parku v Týništi nad Orlicí.

Panatoni Park in Týniště is expanding even more. Another tenant has been added

The castle chapel in Rechnov has taken off her rickety overcoat and is putting on a new one. How do you like it?

It wants to provide contract logistics services in warehouses of 8000 square meters with a capacity of 14,500 pallets and 10 loading ramps. It will also feature 144 square meters of offices, state-of-the-art warehouse technology and the use of handling technology for lithium-ion batteries. It plans to start operations in September this year.

“We are pleased to have found premises in the exposed surroundings of Hradec Králové that meet our high standards. In addition, Týniště nad Orlicí is conveniently located near our branch in Hradec Králové and another facility in Letohrad. We are planning to plan To use these synergies to provide contractual logistics services in the future.”

Is there a place to take it?

Dachser will create 25 new jobs in Týniště. It is not easy to find free labor in an area where the auto company is a strong competitor. The new tenants of Panatoni Park are betting on smaller groups and believe that this will not be an issue in this case.

Even on the outskirts of Opočna, near the railway line, an industrial hall has grown in recent months, a heat pump manufacturer that has been operating in the area for many years and is expanding its operations with dozens of jobs. The company is always looking for new employees.

Companies are always looking for vacancies, and the reason is not only high fuel prices.

School in Sernikovice.

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“The demand for logistics and production real estate is increasing. Two factors play a role in this, one is the transfer of production from Asia to Europe, and the other is the huge increase in online commerce,” explained Panattoni Marketing Director Karel Taschner.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted logistics chains that were built for a steady flow of goods. “By stopping it was found that many materials could not be imported and waited for their arrival. Some things had to be produced as close as possible to normal consumption. The Czech Republic has a record occupancy of buildings, and free space is within one percent, so the construction of new halls in All areas, including these halls, are gaining speed,” added Tachner.

shorter cheaper

Lately, Europe’s Green Deal has also mattered. It basically provides for a reduced carbon footprint. Of course, transporting materials from remote locations carries a carbon footprint. The trend today is for production and final consumption to be as close as possible to each other, Tashner said.

This, he added, is why there is a need for new logistics centers or production centers as close as possible to large concentrations, and ideally as close as possible to transportation infrastructure. “Another is the economic point of view, the shorter the transportation, the cheaper it is. At the same time, the carbon footprint associated with it is smaller,” Tachner said.

On the outskirts of Týniště, Dachser will join other companies that have found their place here. Already in 2020, the site with a total area of ​​​​22,000 square meters was occupied by the Japanese company Cataler, which develops and manufactures catalysts for the automobile, motorcycle and other common internal combustion engines and fuel cell electrodes. It opened its first branch in the Czech Republic.

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In May this year, CS Cargo, which operates a warehouse here for its client, the Czech home appliance brand Concept, leased half of the 16,000 square meters of the largest building. Dachser will now be in a second. The remaining new hall has a capacity of 9000 square metres.