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Paprensk Unipap Company from Pardubice in the hands of Belgium. The value of the deal amounted to 800 million crowns

Unipap family business with several owners. The Rozman family sold customs to the Belgian group Van De Velde Packaging.
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sArdubic Unipap Novbat Belgium m. The growing group Van De Velde Packaging (VDV Packaging) became the owner of Unipap and Unipap Paprna, and the Rozman family, a manufacturer of industrial packaging, has owned the company to date, selling the company 30 years after its founding. And she drank her pension on the ground.

According to HN sources familiar with the matter, the deal has reached the 800 million crown mark. Family business sales from PardubiceHospodsk newspaper reportedSemi-ultraviolet radiation.

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