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Parent company Lidl and Kaufland will now provide cloud services

Parent company Lidl and Kaufland will now provide cloud services

The food chain’s parent company Lidl and Kaufland will now provide cloud services. The German Schwartz Group, which also operates in the Czech Republic, announced the decision on its website. DPA writes that the company is copying the example of US retailer Amazon, which has been providing its IT infrastructure as a cloud service through its Amazon Web Services (AWS) subsidiary since 2006. Schwarz launches its Stackit cloud platform for businesses and government.

“With this offer, we are paving the way for a European cloud solution from Germany and strengthening digital sovereignty and competitiveness of our economy,” said Christian Muller, CEO of Schwarz IT. He added that the company is responding to the challenges of politicians who have called for a compelling European alternative to cloud offerings for non-European service providers.

According to the company, Stackit’s data centers are located in Germany and meet “the highest European security standards”. The Schwarz group itself has been using this solution for three years, which proves its reliability even under load. The group’s IT branch employs about 4,000 people.

In addition to full cloud services, Schwarz IT will also offer so-called co-location services. This will work so that customers can operate their IT devices in Schwarz Group’s two data centers in Germany and Austria, without having to worry about a suitable and secure environment.

Meanwhile, the Amazon AWS subsidiary has become the world’s leading provider of computing capabilities and storage space along with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. AWS established an official branch in the Czech Republic last year and is preparing to expand there. I’ve worked here for a long time, but never had trade and official support here before.

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