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Paris describes Britain's decision to impose isolation on French immigrants as "discriminatory"

Paris describes Britain’s decision to impose isolation on French immigrants as “discriminatory”

On Thursday, Paris described Britain’s decision to remove the isolated requirement for fully vaccinated travelers from the United States and the European Union as “discriminatory” and “incomprehensible” except for France.

“This has no scientific basis. It is a discriminatory decision for the French, because all Europeans, even from countries with more difficult health conditions than us – whether the delta is changing or not,” French European Affairs Minister Clement Bellon told French broadcaster LCI on Thursday morning. That is – they do not care or they no longer care about isolation .. Exaggerated results and obviously incomprehensible from a health point of view. The Minister continued: “If I understand correctly, this is the name of the beta mutants from South Africa, which represents less than 5% of the population. “The cases are in France, most of which are registered overseas, and they are registered overseas (they are passenger arrivals) UK. ”

Pune’s comments come a day after British authorities lifted 10-day self-imposed restrictions on travelers from Orange List countries, including US officials and EU member states – until they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with approved vaccines.

But the measure, which takes effect on August 2, does not apply to France, which has been placed on the UK’s advanced orange list due to a beta mutation.

The situation between the two countries is not mutual. Britain is on the orange list for France, meaning those who have been fully vaccinated can travel from Britain to France.

Both France and the UK recorded more than 27,000 new cases on Wednesday, but over the past week, the channel across the UK has reported 71,000 new cases more than its neighbors. That means that in the past week, the UK has recorded more than 333,000 injuries compared to 81,877 in France.

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According to British Transport Secretary Grant Shoppe, France’s isolated decision will be reviewed “next weekend”.

“We told the English, on a scientific level, on a health level, there was no justification for this decision, so I hope it will be reviewed soon, and it makes sense,” Fionn said.

Britain’s decision to create an advanced orange list for France’s classification in mid – July provoked criticism, especially from the larger French community in Britain, and a number of petitions were issued calling on Britain to overturn this decision.