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Paris is not a "pro" of the United Kingdom

Paris is not a “pro” of the United Kingdom

French Interior Minister Gerald Dormann has been widely criticized for calling London a “double talk” and insisting that France is not a “slave” to the United Kingdom.

In an interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper, Thurmanin said that in order to resolve the crisis on the channel, British ministers, including Preity Zinta Patel, must stop personally speaking in public insult to their country.

“Relationships are good when we talk privately. I talk on the phone with my British partner every week. When we exchange personal meetings and messages, we find that the UK takes a serious approach and we have things in common.” Said Dharman.

Soon, in general, the British House of Commons or something on social media and in the press will be spoken in a different tone, and it will become more friendly. And often it will be different, or not as secretly told. .

Thurman reiterated that France would not accept the presence of British troops on its soil. “What would the British say if we suggested the presence of French troops on the English coast? They would say that they are a free country and that they should respect their sovereignty, and that we would say the same thing. There is nothing unusual about that,” he asked.

He said: “It’s good that the British are asking themselves why so many immigrants want to go to the UK.

The French Home Secretary added: “If there is a change in Britain’s labor law tomorrow, very few immigrants will want to cross over. Secondly, unfortunately, today the British government does not allow any legal way for people to reach their borders as immigrants.”

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Thurman spoke to the Guardian after France convened a meeting of ministers responsible for immigration from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the European Commissioner for the Interior. Representatives of the European Union’s Law Enforcement Cooperation (Europol) and the European Union Border Management Agency (Frontex) were also invited to attend the emergency summit in Galez on Sunday.

The meeting was called after 27 people were killed on the English Channel last Wednesday, a tragedy that shocked both sides of the channel and sparked a revenge game between London and Paris.