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Participation in the population census is "mandatory"... and a fine for violators

Participation in the population census is “mandatory”… and a fine for violators

The official spokesperson for the Saudi General Authority for Statistics, Muhammad Al-Dakhini, confirmed that the general population census system issued by Royal Decree No.

Al-Dakhini explained that The country’s general statistics systemIssued by Royal Decree No. 23 dated 7/12/1397 AH, authorized the authority to apply financial fines to anyone who knowingly disrupted the census work, refused to provide the required data, or gave incorrect data with his knowledge of that.

Al-Dakhini added, “In light of the inquiries received by the communication channels of the General Authority for Statistics about the mandatory participation in the Saudi census 2022 and the fines resulting from non-participation, the application mechanism stressed the limitations of imposing fines and using them in the narrowest limits,” according to Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper.

The official spokesman continued: “The field researcher cannot impose any fine on any of the residents directly except through the area supervisor, and this only takes place after speaking with the resident directly by the supervisor, giving him more than one opportunity to participate and warning him before committing the violation.”

He stressed that accurate and full participation is a national duty and a responsibility shared by society, as the census outputs will help prepare for a better future by providing reliable and up-to-date data for the development of public services, such as educational and health services and others. He pointed out that in order to achieve enabling citizens and residents to participate in the census with ease and ease, and to avoid being affected by the stipulated penalties, the General Authority for Statistics launched, for the first time, the electronic self-enumeration option, which allows everyone to fill out the census form electronically through smart phones, or devices. Their computer, without the need to visit the field researcher, from 10 to 25 May, by visiting the online portal of the Saudi Census 2022.

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He stated that the General Authority for Statistics provided many channels to help all census participants complete the form and answer inquiries.