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Party around every corner.  The film shoots both a movie and a television documentary

Party around every corner. The film shoots both a movie and a television documentary

The mood of the ’90s was accompanied by an unprecedented session, and drunk with endless possibilities. The movies were bold, bands and festivals were born on the treadmill, the Rolling Stones played in Prague, and people were amazed at the possibility of private television or newspapers.

Project Ninety One, led by film producer Petr Koza, includes a feature film by director Radim Špaček and screenwriter Lukáš Csicsely, a six-part documentary television series written by Jakub Skalický, and a musical propaganda book Radek Diestler. The authors are now asking the public to send various objects, photos, audio and video recordings of concerts, magazines, and other memorabilia, and those interested can write to [email protected]

Peter Cosa, the producer and initiator of the entire project, lived through the 1990s as a child and teenager, but the emotional impulses of the time and the discovery of different musical styles remained crucial to him. “I go back through the music of that time in my memories to the time I miss, but I don’t know exactly what was behind it all. This is actually the key for me to open up the big story and the long story,” Peter Cosa said.

“It can be said that this is fairly recent history, but time is passing faster than we think, and since 1990 it has been more than 30 years. It is one of the many reasons to immerse yourself well in the meantime and preserve this uniqueness for future generations.”

Kurt Cobain while filming Unplugged in 1993

The movie will be framed by the story of a tired rock player – 50-year-old Franta and his 20-year-old nephew, Peter. “We want to selectively transform the wild and energetic style of referring to the mood of the 1990s into a movie that can have a different effect on everyone. As an analysis, a memorial, a fairy tale, a memorial, a science fiction or a memento.

The six-part documentary television series Jacob Scalico, whose main foundation will also include the ant work of Radek Disteler on the preparation of a book on the Czech and Slovak music scene of the 1990s, which is supposed to be published by the Sixty-fifth Field Publishing House, Angles.

It will deal with clubs, festivals, radio and television programs, magazines, and franchises. He maps the activities of agencies and promoters, recalls the concerts of foreign stars in our country and the first experiences of the Czech teams abroad. It will discuss mainstream and extreme genres and provide insight into the gramophone market and the powerful and enigmatic stories on the topic of “How Music Was Sold”. He will not forget the visual aspects of time dynamic, clips, labels or typical elements in clothes.