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Paulinho terminated his contract due to his mother's circumstances and "a fire"

Paulinho terminated his contract due to his mother’s circumstances and “a fire”

Moussa Al-Muhyani, CEO of Al-Ahly Jeddah Club, confirmed that the family’s circumstances led to the departure of the team’s star Paulinho and the termination of his contract by mutual consent.

Al-Muhayani said in an interview with the “Into the Goal” program on Tuesday: “Paulinho had circumstances that prevented him from continuing, and the player two weeks ago told us that there was a fire in his family’s house and we saw the pictures. The circumstance, and then spoke with his mother’s doctor in Brazil and explained to us that he needed to return to Brazil and be next to his mother, and asked to play his last match and talk after it, and after the meeting he told us that he could not serve the team and that he needed to return to Brazil, and the relationship ended with all affection and respect.

He added: Paulinho was positive throughout his period and was constantly motivating his fellow players, and the player was happy with us and this was evident in the dressing room and he always talked about his ambitions and goals with us and with the coach, and the player gave us several options, to take a vacation in Brazil and then return to continue, but After talking to his mother’s doctor, he insisted on leaving, and we responded to his wish and everything was ended in kindness and respect.

Al-Muhayani pointed out that the Brazilian player gave up all his dues and received his first month’s salary, and that his agent waived the commission, and added: After the contract was terminated, Paulinho booked a private plane, and he will leave on Thursday to Brazil.

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The club’s CEO stressed that Al-Ahly can replace Paulinho with the best in the coming period.