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PayPal تتيح بيع وشراء العملات المشفرة فى المملكة المتحدة

PayPal allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency in the UK

Starting this week, PayPal Holdings said it will allow UK customers to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and the release of the processor, which marks PayPal’s first international expansion outside the United States, will further encourage adoption. Prevail in the new property class.

With more than 403 million active accounts worldwide, PayPal is one of the leading financial institutions providing clients access to cryptocurrency, and PayPal began buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the United States earlier this year, with millions of merchants on its network where customers can then shop for their cryptocurrencies.

The company hoped that entering the new asset class would promote the global use of virtual currencies and set up a network of new digital currencies that could be created by companies and central banks.

Customers can buy Bitcoin, Ether, Litcoin and Bitcoin money online or on a mobile processor, and the move comes as established financial institutions begin to provide access to their customers, consumers and digital assets for cryptocurrency prices.

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