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PC Games Niantic Decides To Ban Harry Potter

PC Games Niantic Decides To Ban Harry Potter

Washington – “DPA”: The American computer game company Niantic announced its intention to discontinue its augmented reality game, “Harry Potter (Wizards United”), based on augmented reality technology, similar to the game Pokemon Go, by the end of next January.

The company said that it decided to delete the game from the Apple App Store and Google Play on December 6, and the game will be officially closed on January 31, 2022.

“Not all games are meant to last forever… Our goal with Harry Potter (Wizards United) was to bring the fantasy world of magic into the lives of millions of gamers who go out of their homes and explore their neighborhoods,” the company added in an online message.

And the website, which specializes in technology issues, indicated that Niantic launched the game Harry Potter: Witches United in 2019 after the huge success of its previous game, Pokemon Go, which also relies on augmented reality technology.

The Harry Potter game pits players against black magic professionals and magical beasts to save the beloved characters in the Harry Potter series of books, from disaster, an incomprehensible event that spreads magical items around the world.

Players roam in their actual environment and cast spells in specific areas to eliminate black magic and rescue good characters according to specific patterns on their smartphones.

Although this game did not reach the success of the game Pokémon, Niantic says that millions of people around the world play it.