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Pedagogical college students will participate in the summer tutoring, many of them have already helped with distance learning - ČT24 - Czech Television

Pedagogical college students will participate in the summer tutoring, many of them have already helped with distance learning – ČT24 – Czech Television

Sherlock Holmes, holidays or modern music. These are the names of some of the teaching camps that are being set up by Palako University in Olomouc in the summer. The College of Education organizes 11 of them for primary school pupils; And you want to help them, especially those who fall behind in distance education.

“The pupils will improve their knowledge, skills and abilities. We also want to support them in strengthening social relationships, helping to regenerate their habits and supporting mental health and healthy lifestyle habits,” says Alina Oplitalova, head of the school’s Lifelong Learning Center.

Summer lessons are also prepared by other oriented universities. The University of Southern Bohemia, based in Eské Budicejovice, has applied to the Ministry of Education for financial support for four camps. In two of them he wants to focus on science, and the other two on general subjects such as Czech, foreign language, geography or civics. “All the camps will combine teaching with recreational activities,” adds Helena Pavlichkova, a spokeswoman for the school’s educational faculty.

The University of Hradec Králové has not yet introduced the camping format, but according to Petra Kopacheva from the Department of Public Relations, she is aware of the ministry’s call and is in contact with schools interested in offering private lessons to their students.

“We want to motivate our students to participate. This can be recognized later as a performance on some of the topics of the internship,” Kobatova explains. Charles University and Jan Evangelista Birkini University in Osti nad Lapim or the Technical University of Liberec are also considering having their students participate in the camps.

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Students want to participate, universities agree

Oriented colleges that prepare the future teachers try to motivate their students to participate in teaching. Most often by acknowledging their participation as an exercise in the topics. “They can thus connect the field of practical verification of their pedagogical skills with the field of assisting students who have been negatively affected by the move to online teaching,” explains Pavel Neumester, Vice Dean of the University of Olomouc, adding that his students were half full.

They are also interested in summer tutoring in České Budějovice and Prague. According to the two universities, about twenty students would like to teach. Pavlichikova hopes that other university students will participate, “but we will know the final number at the end of June.” According to her, many of them are in contact with students throughout the school year, which is confirmed by other colleges. “Our students have been studying since October of last year.” “Students from all educational majors and classes are participating,” says Martina Colaina, a spokeswoman for Charles University.

According to her, students from the oldest Czech university participated in the birth of the Let’s Involve All project, for which, according to the National Educational Institute (NPI), at least six hundred university students were registered. Provisional figures show that they teach at least 1,500 students from more than two hundred primary schools. College of Education students participate the most, but students of natural sciences and philosophies, who are also teaching future pedagogical teachers, also participated.

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Teaching under the auspices of the Let’s Involve All project was set up last fall in collaboration with NPI, People in Need and universities in response to more than 10,000 children dropping out of education during the first wave of the coronavirus. Some educational colleges were taught even before the outbreak.

“We have long educated children from socially disadvantaged families, and every year there are hundreds of children,” describes Pavel Chara, a spokesman for Masaryk University in Brno. They also have a similar experience in Ostrava, where students come to help children’s homes and other organizations that work with children.

According to the Ministry of Education, summer school camps should focus on reducing inequality in access to education and promoting children’s mental health. It can take place in the months of July and August, and it must be attended by at least fifteen children, who will be taught by teachers, tutors, entertainment teachers or students of educational colleges. The Ministry of Education will award a hundred million kroner to the camps, and in April non-profit organizations, universities and recreation centers can apply for it.