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“Pedia” in Dubai.. Lively paintings inhabited by beauty and engineering elements

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Masterpieces that combine abstraction and realism, included in the exhibition of the Turkish artist Kamal Yazigi, in Dubai, which opened recently, under the title “Pedia”.

Abstract artist Kemal Yazigi, with a Turkish identity and German upbringing permeated with a whiff of Balkan heritage, presents paintings that exude life and are characterized by the simplicity of geometric and organic elements.

His paintings take the viewer on a journey of self-reflection, with fluid textures and overlapping layers of color and dimension that translate the reality of our dynamic world with customized methods and tools.

Yazigi explains that his art is nothing but the result of a mixture of personal experiences from different cultures, countries and professions that he encountered during his life. His architectural background instilled an appreciation for diverse structures and textures, thus shaping his highly personal style that reflects his history and heritage. As for his works, they largely involve oils and acrylics, and he uses them on a canvas stretched with great expertise to crystallize his approach, which requires great attention to detail.


Regarding the opening of the exhibition, Kemal Yazigi, the founder and artist in charge of the Pedia Art Gallery, said: “It is a great honor for me to have the opportunity to embody the beauty of German and Turkish cultures through my artwork. The Pedia Art Gallery seeks to become a focal point in the future, as arts and culture are major drivers of our economy.”