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Penalties rain down on Ronaldo after “assaulting” an Everton fan

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It is reported that Save the Children has abandoned Portugal and Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo as its ambassador after he allegedly “assaulted” a 14-year-old Everton fan.

The Portuguese striker was seen knocking down the phone of one of those in the exit corridor of “Goodison Park”, after Manchester United lost 0-1 to its host Everton last week.

The fan who was attacked by the “Don” was identified, and it was found that he had autism, while Sarah Kelly and his mother spoke to the press, declaring that her son was shocked by what happened.

Sarah Kelly claimed, according to Jules, that the Portuguese striker “assaulted” her son and bruised his hand after hitting the phone on the ground.

She added that her son refused Ronaldo’s invitation to attend a match at Old Trafford, as the Portuguese tried to calm the situation by inviting the fan to watch Manchester United at his stadium.

In the latest slap to Ronaldo’s public image after the incident, the Italian newspaper, “La Guzzetta dello Sport”, reported that the “Save the Children” organization had abandoned the Portuguese star after 10 years of his work as its ambassador.

Ronaldo, 37, is no longer on the list of ambassadors on the international charity’s website, which he has worked with since 2013.

It is worth noting that Ronaldo is preparing with his Manchester United team to face Norwich City in the 33rd round of the English Premier League.


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