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Penne the fruits and vegetables of the other half. We are selling botulin fruits with a discount

Benny has been fighting fleas for a long time, which is why she decided to start the boxes with fruits and vegetables, and during the pilot project alone, the dog saved nine tons of food.

Fruits and vegetables are among the products that have a short shelf life and are prone to spoilage. Tom Koepke told the press that we constantly monitor the quality of our sales, with fruits and vegetables checking them every two hours, because we always provide our customers with the highest quality.

For a long time, the company has wanted to know what to do with fruits and vegetables that do not meet quality standards, but are still flawless. One of them is slightly broken into pieces or from packages torn into several pieces.

That is why we set up this project, where we prepare a mixture of 2 kilograms of fruits or vegetables in boxes and sell them for perishables for 19.90 thousand, or 9.95 Kelvin per kilogram, explains Peter Bode, head of the company’s quality department.

Customers’ reaction and requests for these products are based on our feedback. For example, in Plzeň or Hradec Krlov, customers bought two tons of fruits and vegetables in this way. Find out who has used and used these shows, and then thank you for helping them fight fins, Baudy added.

Launch a similar project Half a year ago, competitive retailer Lidl. Behind the cashbooks in all their stores customers can find boxes of fruits and vegetables for 25 kroner.

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Invitations to feed in the zoo

That same year, Etzec started the Penny Zoo Project as part of the fight against flippers. On the basis of cooperation with zoos across the country, I invite fruits and vegetables from all stores that do not wish to sell to customers.

The staff cuts pieces of fruit and vegetables without meeting the aesthetic quality or if there is a need to consume them in the shortest possible time, I eat these fruits and vegetables and they meet all health standards and are completely harmless to the guests.

This support is of great help to zoos, as they are called upon to provide healthy and high-quality food that enriches their diet. In total, the company has delivered 50 tons of fruits and vegetables to 26 zoos since the project began.