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People can also be tested for a new vaccine against the virus through the Teka app Home, Home

Prague From the middle of the vaccine against COVID-19, testing and prolonging the disease can be proven through the mobile application. Chytr karantna reported this on Twitter. Initially, the application was available to owners of phones with an operating system from Apple, from podveera, and for Android mobile phones.

If you have an iPhone, you can immediately download our national application, thanks to which you can prove yourself with a valid vaccination, test or confirmation of the disease in our country and in the European Union, said Smart Quarantine at about 13:00. At around 19:00, the National Agency for Communications and Information Technology (NAKIT) stated on Twitter that the Teka app can also be downloaded by people using the Android platform.

According to data from the App Store, the app can confirm the registration of all people at once. The certificate also shows how much time is left, for example, until the covid-19 test is over.

The certificate of infection must be documented by people at certain events and while traveling. So far, people can confirm when they will receive the vaccine, when they test negative for covid-19, or when infection is detected, to withdraw the citizen from the Okov gate.

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