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People protested which factories had permission and were legalized

The company waited nearly two years for HP Pelzer Group International to obtain clearance as part of the so-called Environmental Impact Assessment Process, which assesses the impact of production on the environment.

Thanks to him, he took steps to add legalization to two boards of production halls and warehouses, which were now inoperable. It’s a matter of you enough to start building and add a permit to operate. If the company gets it, it realizes the birth of production by giving you lines.

The Ministry of Environment has placed more than three conditions plates that the company must fulfill. These mainly relate to protecting air, noise and odor. In production halls, they should reduce emissions of odorless substances, ensure mature trees are planted, use construction machinery and trucks only in perfect condition, observe noise limits and do not work early, late in the evening and at night.

After that, the Ministry will offer to the company to inform the city that some of these conditions are met.

Based on the evaluation, it can be indicated that, provided that environmental protection and public health measures associated with the change are respected, the effects of the change on the environment and the population, or public health in general, will be accepted in a document published on the Ministry’s portal.

Lod is a craft for the minister

Diversification of the population is done by the Ministry of the Ministry. The favorable opinion is only a list of a number of conditions, a number of which the company managed to fulfill twice and did not, according to Ivana Frov, president of the 2016 VPN Association, who drew attention to it. The negative effects of the plant for a long time.

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The association has doubts about the authenticity of the document. He is calling if he will inform Minister Brabeck about the investigation, Froff adds.

HP Pelzer welcomes the opinion of the department and is a complete way to meet the requirements. The Director of Sports Leadership said you are llama we fully accept all comments and conditions.

The company wants to build a new expedition hall by 2022, there will be a reduction in the truck route from one production area to another production area through residential construction.