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People talk!!  Muhammad Ramadan shocks everyone this time.. This is what he did with a handicapped young man in the street!!

People talk!! Muhammad Ramadan shocks everyone this time.. This is what he did with a handicapped young man in the street!!

The star, Mohamed Ramadan, published a video clip, through his Instagram account, in which he appeared kissing and embracing a young man with special abilities while he was on the street, and contented himself with putting a “white heart” as a comment on the video.

And it appeared in the video how happy this young man of determination was to take memorial photos with Muhammad Ramadan, and the brother of this young man joined their participation in taking memorial photos.

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The video received a great reaction from the audience, and among the comments: “All kindness is in you with diligence, kindness and morality”, “All respect and appreciation”, “May God reward you”, “My world, O Ramadan, by God, the cleanest heart”, “Algebra of Thoughts”, “Our Lord It increases your humility”, “Trust in God is success”, “The humble”.

Mohamed Ramadan recently performed at a concert in “Burj Park” in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Muhammad Ramadan traveled to the UAE, after a successful trip to Lebanon, during which he won the award for the most popular Arab star from the “Murex d’Or” festival in its 21st session, which was titled “Rise Up, Lebanon”.

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He also filmed a number of scenes for his starring drama “Al-Omda”, which is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming month of Ramadan 2023. The filming stages witnessed the Lebanese audience gathering around him to take memorial photos.

Ramadan took advantage of his presence in Lebanon as well, by visiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon, and taking memorial photos with all the hospital staff and children and providing them with support.

Muhammad Ramadan is involved in the Ramadan 2023 drama, in the series “Al-Omda”, which takes place in a popular social framework. It was written and directed by Muhammad Sami, and Mohab Tariq participated in the script and dialogue, and it was produced by Media Hub Saadi-Johar.

The series stars Muhammad Ramadan, Zina, Hala Sidqi, Iman Al-Assi, May Kassab, Ahmed Dash, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Tariq Al-Dasouki, and a number of other artists.