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Tlačenice na poutním místě v Izraeli si vyžádala desítky životů.

People trampled to death. Witnesses described the tragedy, no one knows what to do

Although initial reports spoke of a partial collapse of the platform, authorities later announced that there was a crowd at the site around 01:00 local time. And that after several people slipped down the stairs. The chain reaction that followed left 44 people dead and at least 103 injured, 38 of them currently in critical condition.

“MDA is fighting for the lives of dozens of wounded. We will not surrender until the last victim is evacuated,” MDA wrote on Twitter.

Participants in the rituals of Hajj who survived the crush BBC News Server They agree to describe the frightening minutes: The place was crowded and there was nowhere to go. Then people started to fall to the ground… “It happened in a split second. People fell and stepped on each other. It was a disaster,” said one of the witnesses.

“The space is small and the road is very narrow – suddenly there were more than a thousand people who wanted to occupy it. Some of them took it,” said Bahadri Haredim, a correspondent for the Orthodox Jewish site. Rescuer Dov Meisel told the BBC: “We just finished interfering in one of the worst tragedies in the history of Israel. People came to treat it – and unfortunately they were trampled to death.”

An endless struggle for life

The circumstances of the disaster were also described by the Israeli news site Ynet by a man who called himself David. “Some people were thrown in the air in a crowd, others were run over on the ground. There was a child who was constantly holding my feet, and was just fighting for his life.”

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According to one of the wounded, who is currently in hospital, the tragedy was exacerbated by the fact that “no one knows what to do.” “There were a lot of people around me. I was lying on someone else who was not breathing anymore and I saw that there were children under us. People were screaming, and there was chaos everywhere. I couldn’t help but think I didn’t want to,” the guy said to public TV. orphan”.

The crowd was held during celebrations of the Laaj Ba Omer religious festival, which tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews attend each year. Through fire, prayer and dance, Simon Bar Ushai, a famous sage who lived in the second century, is worshiped. He ordered the anniversary of his death to celebrate life.

According to The Times of Israel, 100,000 people took part in the Hajj this Thursday alone – more than last year, when the country was experiencing severe restrictions against the coronavirus. One of the pilgrims concluded to the Israeli TV Channel 12, “It did not occur to anyone that this might happen. Joy turned into sadness, we fell from a great light to darkness.”