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People u plujuj lto, in hotels in the Zlín sod area phones

And it will be the same as last year, mon lep. No less than dogs holidays.

Tourist book houses and phones under the bell. chrome Octrna Hotel Manager Sandra Mederov said: We booked two more stays in advance, people were interested in January and as for the burrow, they postponed it.

We know that the season will be similar to previous years. So far, she explained, we’ve set aside 50 percent of the holidays.

Somewhere they have more vacation bookings than last year. Tom Blabla, manager of the Valaci resort, which includes three hotels in Veliki Karlovci, confirmed that as soon as the government announced the resumption of hotel operations, there was a significant increase in interest in summer residences.

In them, guests booked for vacations have about half more rooms than last year. In addition, register for accommodation elsewhere. Call people and book a hostel. We don’t have to get caught up, but this will change me for the holidays, think Radegast Hotel operator in Radhoti, Martin Trka.

The hotel is gradually swarming, and it is impossible to read that there is a huge size. It’s slow, probably because of anxiety. Overall occupancy is darker than in previous years, said Jana Kokorkov, executive director at the Kotka mountain hotel.

However, the hotel believes that this year people will prefer a local holiday abroad. This is confirmed, for example, by the fact that in Lznch Luhaovice about 80 percent of hotels and boarding houses are sold.

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In addition, the previous period had the effect that people now realize that they have more to take care of their health. They are for the sake of dispatch and for a healthy city, said competition director Edward Bilha.

Assume that the demand for lj stability corresponds to a pre-coronavirus condition. Let’s hope it continues in the coming months, he says.

In the resort of Falachi they used to hit the head of the weak, because people would go to me. This year, it seems people don’t meet the sea traveler very often, Blabla said, because the highest demand, on the other hand, is in the first two weeks of July.

There is a trend that people are booking accommodations at the last minute, so 14 days in advance, said Luk Aludek, director of Baltaci, which operates the Star Zmek in Napajedl and two hotels in Zlín. Wadak talked about the Nabagidelsk residential capacity, which it occupies at 30 percent. People go there mainly for long walks on the Baov Canal.

Can’t be without rules

Zln is not very attractive for tourists, so here the company Hotel Baltaci U Nhonu will open in mid-June. The Wadek race is also lost because the hotel used to be full during big events like Masters of Rock, Trnkobran and Barum Czech Rally. This applies to the two-star Baltaci Atrium in Leetn, which is open for a long time because it has turned into administrative clients.

Hotels are happy to open the horse, but I think it could have been two. It should have been drunk two months ago, and not just before the holidays. Traka thought that for the fourth year we had a hotel and a restaurant and you have to finance it. Politicians showed incompetence and harmed the rest. The hostel can provide safe accommodation for non-smokers.

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Even the hotel and visitors must adhere to safety precautions, it is necessary to have a maximum of 3 days of the old test (but a seven-day stay in the hotel is necessary), or proof of vaccination. Most people interested in hostels understand this, though not all.

We have also received negative comments that as long as we follow all the restrictive rules, the guest will not come to them. Some of them were also separated from our colleagues from the reserve, Blabla said, but those are just exceptions.

Some hotels like you, except for October, offer the opportunity for guests to audition. We have self-tests at reception. Mederov added that many people choose and ask what they have to do, and do not look for it yourself and leave it to us.