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People who grew old and did not get sick … a medical study reveals their “magic” recipe

A recent study by researchers at the University of Toronto in Canada provided new insights into “healthy aging” by observing distinct demographics in Canada that included immigrants and Canadian-born seniors.

and select Prepared studying Many of the characteristics associated with positive experiences associated with ageing may contribute to “healthy aging”, thus revising the definition of what it means to age successfully.

The data included 7,651 individuals who were 60 years of age or older when they began participating in the longitudinal study. Of the participants, 1,446 respondents were Canadian immigrants.

Habits that lead to healthy aging

The researchers identified the most prominent characteristics and habits that contribute to an individual’s healthy aging:

  • People who live on a high income.
  • married.
  • who have not suffered from Obesity.
  • who did not smoke.
  • who had no problems sleeping.
  • Who did not suffer from heart disease or arthritis.
  • Those who engage in moderate or strenuous physical activity.

The results also showed that people born in Canada They were 24 percent more likely to age healthy than immigrants to Canada.

What is healthy aging?

For the study, healthy aging was the ability of an older person to:

  • Carry out activities of daily living normally.
  • The ability to perform useful activities of daily living.
  • Freedom from mental illness and memory problems.
  • Freedom from chronic pain.
  • Feeling of self-satisfaction.
  • Obtaining adequate social support.

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