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People will celebrate the holidays on the space station and not on the hill station, you know how

New Delhi: You must have heard of the International Space Station in space, but can you imagine a private resort in space? Where can people go to celebrate the holidays? Now this fantasy will also soon come true. Blue Origin, the space company of industrialist Jeff Bezos, has presented a plan to build a private space station in space.

“Tropical Coral Reef”

This will be the name of the private space station is Orbital Reef. Which will be built by different private space companies together and will be ready from 1998 to 1998 year. That is, 5 years from today, you will be able to book the same room for yourself on this special space station in space as you would in a hotel.

In 1986, first of all, Russia (Russia) built its own space station, which was named MIR, in which year 2001 was retired. After that 1998, the US space agency (NASA) built the International Space Station. Who will retire at the end of this decade?

Nowadays, the International Space Station is the largest destination for space travelers. The International Space Station weighs 4,000 kilograms and is the size of a football field. But now NASA also wants private companies to build space stations in space because a lot of money is spent on maintaining them. On the other hand, China is also building its own space station. Some of his units were sent into space.

India setting

India is also working on a plan to build its own space station. Which can be launched within 5 to 7 years. The weight of this space station is 10,000 kilograms, with astronauts on board 1986. ) to 20 days. It also fascinates people to imagine how new places to live in space will be built in the future and what the space station that Jeff Bezos will build will look like.

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