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21.4. 22 2krát/schránka, dopis, pošta, muž, psaní

People with real estate come writing. Berňák sends coupons to pay property taxes

The Financial Administration of the Czech Republic has started sending real estate tax payment receipts. Invoices will be delivered to the taxpayer no later than 25 May 2022. However, not everyone will have their own inbox.

As Financial Management indicates, pThe ticket will not arrive for those who have a data box, pay via SIPO or sign up to send data for tax payment by email, or have a tax of up to 30 CZK.

How long to pay tax?

The tax payment deadline (or first installment) ends on May 31, 2022. If the tax amount does not exceed CZK 5,000, it must be paid in full by May 31, 2022. If the tax is above CZK 5,000, it must be paid in two installments (by May 31 and November 30, 2022), but the taxpayer may pay it within up to 31 May 2022 for a one-time payment.

The bank account of the tax office to which the tax is paid is pre-printed on invoices, including the area code and bank code.

Property Taxes It is determined by the total amount of all the taxpayer’s real estate, which is located on the territory of the relevant district. The name and address of the administrative regional office of the tax office, where the taxpayer has his tax file on real estate, are also indicated in the receipt file.

If you own more real estate in one area and you do not have a tax of more than 5,000 CZK, you will find only one coupon per envelope. Payments for all properties in the area will be added together. Anyone who owns properties in different areas or pays tax over CZK 5,000 will find more coupons in the envelope.

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